How Safe Are Dental Implants?

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

March 1, 2022

It is very normal to consider the safety of dental treatment before getting it. Dental Implants are common teeth replacement options that Dr. Srividiya Vulugundam and several other dentists recommend. This article will answer all questions you might have about dental implants.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a dental treatment for tooth replacement. The implant material is typically a titanium metal which is bio-compatible with the body system. The titanium metal looks like an iron screw usually drilled inside the jawbone to serve as the tooth root and a base for a tooth restoration (dental crown).

If you have a missing tooth, getting a dental implant is one of the most reliable ways to restore your dental structure and give you a more natural look despite the misplacement of your original tooth.

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Over the years, the rate at which dental patients have been getting successful dental implant procedures has been high. It is rare for a dental implant procedure to go wrong. However, certain factors might complicate a dental implant surgery. As you read further, you would come across the factors that might affect the safety and success of dental implant surgery.

Are Dental Implants Safe For The Elderly?

There are no age requirements for dental implant surgery. All that matters is the patient’s general health for dental implant surgery. If the aged person is not fit enough, dental implants are not suitable. Dentists often recommend that dental implant patients get dental implants only when healthy enough. Several complications can arise during the surgery if the patient has ill health. These restrictions are all for the patient’s safety because that is what is paramount to the dentist.

Why Dental Implants Might Not Be Right For You

Although many people are appropriate for dental implants, some factors can affect your eligibility for dental implant surgery. Here are the following factors that can affect the safety of a dental implant procedure:

  • Unhealthy Jawbone & Gums: For a successful dental implant, your gums and jawbone have to be strong and healthy enough. After the dentist drills the titanium iron screw into the jawbone, they give you some time to fuse the bone and the iron screw. That can take weeks or months. However, if the jawbone is not strong and healthy enough, the fusing phase, also known as “Osseointegration,” would not be successful. Before performing dental implant surgery, the dentist would examine the jawbone and gums. If the jawbone is not thick enough, a bone graft procedure would be performed on the dental patient to increase the thickness of the jawbone and make it healthy for dental implant surgery.

The same goes for the gum tissue as well. If the gums have receded, the implanted screw will not get the adequate support needed from  the gums. Also, receding gums are possible symptoms of gum disease (periodontitis). If you have noticed a recession in your gum size, you should immediately see a dentist near you.

  • Age & Facial Growth: Although there are no age limitations for dental implant surgery, dentists often prefer to perform dental implants on patients who have advanced in age (18 years and above). That is because the jawbones are likely to grow in shape and size as you age. However, a dentist can look over the age requirement if the patient has a solid and healthy jawbone.
  • Health Conditions: Health conditions like bone diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and other immune system diseases can influence the success and safety of dental implant surgery.
  • Medications: Some pills have various side effects that can affect surgical treatment, and a dental implant is part of such surgical treatments. Before your dental implant surgery, your dentist would provide you with precautions, including the kinds of medications that you should avoid. Dentists often advise that patients refrain from taking pain relief medications like aspirin because they have high tendencies to cause excessive bleeding during surgery. If you need to take any pain relief medication, your dentist would recommend one for you.

Ready For Dental Implants?

If you are ready for your dental implant surgery, you can get dental implants with us at New Port Richey. Our New Port Richey dentist can provide you with safety tips before and after your dental implant procedure. We will provide you with the necessary support and effective treatment that you need, thereby giving you a better dental structure and appearance.