Sports Dentistry

Dr. Srividya Vulugundam of Orange Grove Dental has expertise and passion for preventive sports dentistry. Custom-made sports mouth guards offer the best protection and comfort. Design modifications are possible at the time of fabrication to allow for tooth eruption during the sports season and for the movement of teeth move during orthodontic treatment.

Before a sports mouth guard is made, Dr. Vulugundam takes a health history and performs an oral exam to determine the appropriate type and design of the mouth guard. She takes into consideration the sports you will be playing, dental disease that needs treatment, loose or missing teeth, orthodontic appliances, dental restorations, planned dental extractions for orthodontics, and the relationship of the upper and lower teeth.

Sports mouth guards do more than protect teeth from being knocked out, cracked, loosened or displaced. They also prevent injuries to the lips, lower jaw, gums, cheeks, and soft tissue of the mouth. If there is potential for you to receive a blow to the face, head or neck while enjoying your sport, protect yourself from life-altering…painful…and costly oral and facial injuries.

If you, your children, or a sports team you are involved with need sports mouth guards, Dr. Vulugundam would enjoy giving you individualized optimal protection. Custom sports mouth guards are actually quite affordable. Give our New Port Richey, FL office a call to talk about your needs. Call 727-645-6943.