Preventive Dentistry

Every one should have regular dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings to spot problems early and to maintain a high level of oral health. Our Orange Grove Dental dentists will recommend the frequency that is best for you, based upon your oral health. Twice yearly dental cleanings and check ups at six month intervals are typical for most patients so if you have not had these in the last six months, we hope you will give us a call!

Our preventive care includes the following:

  • A comprehensive oral health exam
  • Digital dental x-rays for early detection of problems
  • Dental prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning)
  • Instruction in optimal home care
  • If needed, fluoride treatment and sealants to strengthen and protect dental enamel, and treatment of gum disease
  • Education about your individual oral health circumstances and the treatments that will halt problems from developing or becoming severe
  • Guidance for proceeding with and affording the dental care that will minimize the dentistry you need over your lifetime to save your teeth and healthy oral function

Achieving and maintaining oral health is important for a lifetime of healthy smiles and overall systemic health. We are here to be of service to you and your entire family.

If you are seeking gentle, high quality and affordable care, don’t delay in calling Orange Grove Dental. Dr. Srividya Vulugundam, and the entire care team look forward to meeting you.