Anti-Anxiety and Sedation Dentistry

Many patients are anxious when it comes to dental visits. We want you to know that the entire Orange Grove Dental team, in New Port Richey, is understanding and compassionate. We offer anti-anxiety comfort measures, nitrous oxide, and oral sedation for patients who want to be completely relaxed when they undergo dental procedures.

Helping You Manage Your Anxiety

There are some things we can do to ease anxiety and help you stay in control. If you have an “anxiety attack,” we know how to recognize the signs and help you. We are medically trained to handle this.

Some Simple Comfort Measures:

  • We will talk about your concerns, whether you have a gag reflex, your past dental experiences, and how we will help you through each step of what we are doing.
  • We can practice breathing relaxation techniques with you.
  • We will establish the hand signals you will give us if you feel pain or need a break.
  • We will offer you a blanket if you are cold and can adjust your neck support.

Our Sedation Options

Even though we pride ourselves in providing painless dentistry, you also have the choice of having a medically sedated appointment. For patients with a strong gag reflex or a strong desire to be fully relaxed we can:

  • Administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) while you are in the dental chair.
  • Prescribe a sedative medication that is taken orally before you come to your appointment.

Dr. Srividya Vulugundam will assist you in understanding your choices, based on your preferences, health, and the dentistry to be done.

Nitrous Oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose to help you relax. You will be able to hear and respond to your dentist and dental assistant. As soon as the mask is removed and you are breathing the normal air around you, the sedative effect quickly disappears.

Light or Moderate Oral Sedation allows you to remain awake or very sleepy throughout the entire procedure, but you will feel a great sense of relaxation and still be able to respond to instructions from our dentist and dental assistant. Full recovery from the sedative effects takes a few hours so you will need a driver to come to your appointment with you and drive you home. You will be advised to not drive until the next day. Oral sedation not only removes anxiety but also greatly reduces the gag reflex some patients experience and allows your jaw muscles to relax fully.

Talk to Us about Your Concerns

If you are anxious about your upcoming appointment, speak to us about your concerns. We want you to be comfortable and not fear the care you need and desire. Call Orange Grove Dental—we are here to help!