Dental Extractions

Because there are situations where tooth removal is the best way to get back on the track of optimal oral health, and because we want to keep all aspects of dentistry as convenient and affordable as possible for our patients, Dr. Srividya Vulugundam provide tooth extractions, including wisdom tooth removal, in the comfort of our own office.

During your extraction, we will keep you comfortable with powerful local anesthetic. In addition, nitrous oxide and oral sedation are options that many patients appreciate. During your consultation, we will fully inform you about what to expect and discuss whether you would like sedation. You will receive pre-operative and post-operative instructions appropriate for your circumstances.

Our dentists use a piezoelectric ultrasonic generator to cut bone tissue with ultrasonic vibrations. This increases efficiency, decreases trauma, and reduces post-operative pain. Dental extractions are thus made easy, including the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Most humans have four wisdom teeth, located in the very back of the mouth, two on top and two on bottom. Some people have more, and some have fewer. These teeth are not necessary for chewing our food and commonly become decayed because they are difficult to clean at the back of the mouth. It is not unusual for wisdom teeth to become impacted (unable to erupt) under periodontal bone and gum tissues because they are lodged against other teeths’ roots. When they erupt, they commonly cause crowding. Because third molars don’t usually erupt until early adulthood, they are typically removed around age 18 to 25.

Don’t Worry about Dental Extractions

We’ll give you compassionate care. At Orange Grove Dental, we prioritize patient safety and comfort. We also strive to make dentistry affordable. Our dentists only recommend treatment that is in your best interest for optimal oral health and to meet your cosmetic smile objectives. Give us a call today.