Teeth Whitening

One of the most sought after and easy cosmetic smile improvements is tooth whitening with clinical strength tooth bleaching systems. At Orange Grove Dental in New Port Richey, we offer both in-office whitening and custom take-home whitening kits.

Most teeth stains are extrinsic (on the outside of teeth) and can be safely removed by dental bleaching. Human tooth enamel is the most durable substance our bodies create, yet because it is porous, the surface of tooth enamel can stain. Internal color changes can also occur due to tetracycline antibiotic, overuse of fluoride, radiation or chemo therapy, trauma to a tooth that causes internal bleeding or nerve damage, and more. Internal stains are called “intrinsic.”

Common causes of extrinsic staining are:

  • Dark beverages, particularly wine, coffee and tea
  • Dark foods such as cherries
  • Tobacco use

Treatment for Topical Stains

Teeth whitening uses peroxide gel as a bleaching agent. Oxygen molecules in the gel penetrate dental enamel, breaking apart the bonds between stains. In order to press the gel against your dental enamel and to protect sensitive gum tissue and the inside of your lips and cheeks, custom dental trays are fabricated from impressions of your teeth. Made from smooth plastic, the trays will be very comfortable and fit securely.

In Office Teeth Whitening: Stronger bleaching agents and a special light can be used safely by our registered dental hygienist and dentist to speed up the bleaching process. We can whiten your teeth by several shades in a single appointment that lasts about 60 minutes. We will make custom whitening trays and send you home with these trays and a supply of bleaching gel so you can do touch-up whitening in the comfort of your own home.

Custom Home Whitening: Our affordable custom trays and peroxide gel will be more effective than store-bought products if you would like to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. We will instruct you in the proper way to fill the trays with the whitening gel we provide. You will be instructed to wear the trays a certain number of minutes a day over a period of a few days. The time it takes to bleach your teeth to the whiteness you prefer will depend on the severity of discoloration. The instructions you receive may vary, depending on tooth sensitivity and the condition of your tooth enamel.

Tooth Sensitivity and Whitening

If you are holding back from tooth whitening due to concern about tooth sensitivity, we have the answers to your questions and can help you. Today’s best whitening agents contain minerals to counteract tooth sensitivity from bleaching. If you have a history of tooth sensitivity, you can receive re-mineralization treatment prior to and/or after bleaching —and we recommend shorter periods of whitening.

Treatment for Internal Dental Stains

If your teeth are intrinsically discolored, Dr. Vulugundam can provide cosmetic treatment in the form of dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns. Dental bonding is the least expensive, fastest treatment but not as durable as veneers. Veneers are more conservative than crowns (in the amount of dental enamel removed for treatment). If a tooth has suffered trauma or decay, a porcelain crown may be the only way to restore lasting beauty and health to the tooth.

Smile with Radiant Confidence!

Whitening your smile can take years off of your appearance. If you live in the New Port Richey and Trinity area and desire a brighter smile, give us a call to discuss teeth whitening. If you are due for a professional dental cleaning or checkup, a conversation about whitening can be a natural extension of that appointment. Learn what is possible for you. We strive to make all aspects of oral health care as affordable as we can for our patients. Give us a call today.