Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the removal of the pulp (nerve tissue) of a tooth, followed by restoration of the tooth with a crown to preserve its strength and function. As a patient of Orange Grove Dental, if you need root canal treatment, you are in exceptionally good hands. Because Dr. Srividya Vulugundam is your dentist, she will not only provide you with the needed root canal therapy, but also provide you with a custom crown to restore the tooth—all within the comfort of the office. You will  need to be referred out to a specialist for molars only. With today’s powerful local anesthetics, you will be completely numb during the procedure, and the dental pain you have been experiencing will be eliminated.

Dr. Vulugundam will provide gentle, precise treatment through every step of the process, from the initial diagnosis to the final placement of your dental crown. As with all of her procedures, she offers highly lifelike porcelain restorations, which will blend beautifully with your smile, and also lower cost metal crowns for those who prefer this option. No matter which you choose, the crown will be custom fit for long term health and durability.

When is a “Root Canal” Recommended?

If you have a toothache, Dr. Vulugundam will evaluate your tooth. Pain may be of a continuous, throbbing nature or intermittent in response to temperature changes or when you are chewing. When dental nerves have become infected or traumatized, removal of the pulp is usually indicated to restore comfort and health. Common causes are dental decay above the gum line, localized periodontal infection below the gum line (often associated with a gum abscess and erosion of the outer enamel of one or more tooth roots), an accidental blow to a tooth, or the fracturing of a worn or weakened tooth during normal biting and chewing.

What to Expect if You Need Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy typically takes place over two office visits. During the first visit, Dr. Vulugundam will create a small opening in the top of your tooth. Through this opening, she can reach the soft pulp that fills the inside of your tooth with special instruments. She will then clean out the inside of your tooth, including its root canals. Once she has eliminated infection and nerve tissue, she will place a sealant inside to keep it bacteria free and fill it with a rubbery dental material called “gutta percha.” During this first visit, she will also shape the tooth to receive a crown and make impressions for our partnering dental lab so they can make your crown. Finally, she will put a temporary crown on top of the treated tooth. The temporary crown will reduce sensitivity and facilitate normal chewing until your custom crown is back from the lab.

In most cases, the second appointment will take place two weeks later. At this appointment, the temporary crown will be removed. Dr. Vulugundam will make sure the crown looks fits and works harmoniously with your natural bite alignment. It will be permanently attached with dental cement and polished to a beautiful smoothness. If slight modifications need to be made for improved occlusion, Dr. Vulugundam will also provide this service on the spot before you go home.

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If you are suffering from a toothache or have a tooth in need of restoration, we would like to provide you with the care you need. Treatment will provide comfort, restore the health of your tooth, and halt the advancement of infection in your mouth that can affect not only adjacent teeth, but also periodontal gum and bone tissue, and your systemic health. We provide outstanding care to patients in New Port Richey and Trinity. Our goal its to restore you to comfort, health, function, and a beautiful smile!