Implant Supported Dentures

Dr. Srividya Vulugundam offers implant supported dentures for patients who have lost multiple teeth.
Implant supported dentures are today’s gold standard of care because they offer many advantages over conventional dentures.

Primary Advantages of Dental Implant Supported Dentures

  • A more snug and comfortable fit,
  • Improved periodontal bone health that preserves facial features,
  • Stability because they are firmly fixed in place,
  • Enhanced confidence and easier speech because of this stability,
  • Stronger chewing function allowing you to eat the foods you enjoy most, and
  • No need for a denture adhesive to hold your denture in place.

Qualification for Dental Implants

You may qualify for implant supported dentures if you:

  • Currently have a conventional denture and are displeased with its appearance, function, or fit,
  • Are missing a large portion or the entirety of your teeth,
  • Do not currently suffer from tooth decay or gum disease—or receive complete treatment for them before implants are placed,
  • Have sufficient bone tissue to hold dental implants—or receive a bone grafting procedure such as a sinus lift or ridge augmentation to develop sufficient bone volume and density,
  • And, are in good general health, without any cardiovascular disease, immune system disorders, or other conditions that could compromise your healing.

The Process of Implant Supported Denture Treatment

At your initial consultation, Dr. Vulugundam will assess your mouth, review your medical records, and discuss treatment options with you. If you decide you would like to proceed with dental implant treatment, she will collaborate with a preferred local specialist who places implants and performs related bone enhancement procedures to plan your treatment, estimate total costs, and present the overall plan to you. After your implants are placed and osseointegration has occurred, Dr. Vulugundam will make impressions of your mouth, have our partnering dental lab make your custom denture, and when the denture is ready, fix your denture on your dental implants. The period of osseointegration usually take two months. Dr. Vulugundam offers a temporary prosthetic that can be worn over your implants while osseointegration and gum healing takes place, and while your custom denture is being made.

Hybrid Overdentures on Implants (All on 4 or More Implant Treatment)

One of the newest implant denture treatments for edentulous patient (individuals missing all of their teeth) is a custom hybrid overdenture denture. This is a specially fabricated complete overdenture on four or more dental implants. Although this type of treatment is more expensive, it provides for long lasting stable function, natural feel, and a naturally beautiful smile when all teeth in an arch are missing. Patients who have this treatment say their prosthetic arch of teeth feels, functions, and looks like natural teeth. It can often be accomplished without bone enhancement, due to specially designed implant components.

Fixed Dentures on Dental Implants Will Transform Your Life!

If you qualify for a dental implant supported denture, you owe it to yourself to consider this treatment. Dr. Vulugundam will be happy to examine your mouth, and with the assistance of dental x-rays, discuss your options with you and help you make your decision. As your dentist and oral health care team, all of us at Orange Grove Dental look forward to helping you have the dental solutions that will help you live life with full confidence and comfort, as well as optimal oral health. Give us a call today!